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Bonfire On West Beach

by The White Papers

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released September 14, 2012

Lance Scott Walker — voice, beats, guitars, drums, bass, drones
Brandon Davis — guitars (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11)
Oren Bloedow — bass (3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11)
Jeanann Dara — viola (2, 4, 8)
Ed Pastorini — piano (2, 8, 11)
Task — synthesizers (4, 6, 7)
Jeffery McLaughlin — synthesizers (5, 10)
Walker B Ross — guitar (7)
Clinton de Vries — synthesizers (7)
Joan Hiller — voice (6)
Richard San Luis — guitar (10)
Peter Spagnuolo — banjo (5)
Always — voice (5)

Recorded in Brooklyn and Queens, NY, Galveston and Houston, TX, and Teller County, Colorado by Lance Scott Walker, Oren Bloedow, Brandon Davis, Jeffery McLaughlin, Clinton de Vries, Matt LeMay and Task (August 2011—August 2012)

Mixed by Ivan Evangelista at Hoss Pie Records, Austin, TX

Mastered by Matthew Agoglia at Masterdisk, NYC

Art direction by Lance Scott Walker

Cover photographs by Jennifer Charles



all rights reserved


The White Papers New York, New York

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Track Name: Hopeless
Slow down
The faces withdraw
And now we’re long gone
From where we were standing
Oh, those sorts...
They won’t stay in these here streets long
It’s just that we’re too strong
To continue avoiding ourselves
So if they turn the blade on me
You’d have to expect wrong
For me to stay out here this long
But it’s where we’ve perfected all of our hell
To date...
Track Name: East End Saint
Don’t know nothing about the where I’ll go
And I don’t know a thing about the ice
Or the snow
I don’t know nothing about the where I’ll hide
Gonna find out something with the devil way goes
Never seen your face but you know what to do
That’s a stain but it’s covered in gold
Blessed all the way with a slow man’s tide
Through the darkest alleyways that we know
I got to move myself out west of town
You see it’s just the slowest trip the cables tow
Out past the oak, they’ve got ten miles of beach
And every bleeding red hand is already gone
Half the way to San Antone
If I ever make it out to where the west wind blows
Well that’s a stain that we’ll cover in gold
Tell it to the man we’ll return what we borrowed
Every sermon will unroll and make it so
I bet my only horse on everything
And now it’s broke through the gates and run away
Johnnie, come on
This rain will fall in sheets
And we’ll all get drenched in that way
Where you just let it go
Let it go
Let it go
Track Name: Murder To A Man
Off the sands, the souls are bleak
But I would never think to speak
Of half the things I used to say
I wouldn’t crawl back down to appreciate
Beyond the hills, the souls are bent
It’s safer when you don’t repent
Bottle up the sins of righteous men
And everybody will atone
For someone in limbo
It was hallowed and bright in fading light
The bulls went blank with such a fright
Spilling onto the planks in enormous ranks
As if anybody had the strength to bring them in
Like this * the bridge was swept away
And it barely divided up our faith
It swells up to rise up past every tide
Past the shoulders of men
Drinking smoking sleeping in the inns
If it’s cold tonight I’m gonna have to stay and try
When everybody believes the same
Well won’t you go and hide
I been long below the decks
Crawled over the side
And rattled floorboards from beneath
Well with my rusty knife
Oh, what to tell you...
Of all the things I thought I’d seen
My eyes can never take from me
Church bells are going to ring
And they’ve all come to sing over broken glass
The wind will sting
So dance me twice across your eyes
We’ll come to rest between your thighs
I know we’re wanting to breathe
There is no relief
From what they brought back in
Into the shallows to die, though...
Track Name: The Western Badmen
Every door was open
Nothing was stolen
But you’ve gone all in
You could barely hear the thunder
It left us all to wonder
If you think this is hopeless
Every shadow is smoking
This here has happened for a while
I don’t even know what to say anymore
It’s on my shoulders somehow
You’ve got to get yourself out
With this kind of thing, you watch what you say
Get scuffed up by the stand
Watch the stage
Wash off
If it ever trickles down, you’ll see
That every heavy brow on The Isle
Is your best friend
Carried out on a stretcher
Under the eyes of the lecherous
As they bloom
From the depths of the pit
Say I don’t believe this undertow
Tow, tow, tow...
Track Name: A Witness On The Ground
She says we’re rarest when we’ve got someone
They’ve been hunting you some places
For days now, boy
I don’t know if you’re gonna have to tell ’em lies
I just have to make sure you tell me
Well I’ve been out before
But stopped short of anything
That I could never reverse, to be sure
So I’m never gonna have to tell ’em lies
Well I just wish you had something to say
Hey girl don’t you notice?
And if we have to wade through it all...
I’ll be certain to dismiss this all quick
You’ll be sure
Well they’re never gonna have to ask you why
I don’t wanna think no awful things
Now girl don’t you notice
Hey boy don’t you notice
And now boy don’t you know?
No no no I wouldn’t walk away
Track Name: Gulf Breeze And New Blood
I wait til I’m alone
And I’m slow to go back in
But you can’t run off to Spain
If you don’t know how to swim
My saddle’s full of salt
And though my chest will rise and fall
I had another swig
But I couldn’t drink it all
Going into the sun
I‘ll lower my head into the shade
The trees have been exposed
Since the dunes have blown away
We’ll ride out to that oak
And then we’ll shelter on the sound
Until the water drags us out
And well, that’s sooner than later
Ghost is full of splinters
Feel it leak into the tent
A thousand raining days
And the ground is gonna thin
Tie it all up with boasts
And then we’ll rub so it won’t scar
Oh, your eyes are so plain
It’s so hard to explain, girl!
Kneel into the water
If you think you’re gonna fall
Babe the coast is gonna bleed
And here we’re three feet from the shore
The gulf is boiling over
And them gusts is growing wild
This is just how we’re gonna be found
And, well…
That’s sooner than later
Sooner than later
Track Name: Wrong Side Of The Fire
Oleander come to bloom
But don’t break the skin
It won’t close again
You can’t imagine
It’s just like when we return so warm
All swollen from the outrage
They’ve come to inhabit
Low lights will start in scores
Until the edge of the water’s lost
From our vantage
And if the burning should hold them forth
Well the Gulf has got a thousand ways
That aren’t so tragic
Every husk will drift unturned
Loathsome tide, drag them out again
It feels so drastic
But wicked things have become
They’re chasing us from the West End
Badmen, it’s savage!
So just remind me what I said
In case I have to take it back someday
Out of habit
Because we’re only lonely outside
When you hide yourself
Because your old life just no longer had it And we’re lonely outside
When the inside’s gone black
And it stems from the awe
Of low-lying damage
But we’re just lonely outside
So our insides can stoke the flames
And they’ve gone and slipped away
Oh, badmen, gone and swept away
Badmen gone and swept away
Gone and swept away